Junior Elektro Monteur Renewable – Searchsoftware – Haarlem


The energy transition is in full swing. As you probably know, we should give it our all to use energy sustainably. At this company, that is exactly what they’re doing.

Tell me more…

I hear you thinking, ‘who are these people?’. Well, for the past 35 years, they have been the specialist in the field of batteries. From design to production, and with an endless variety of applications.

You can imagine, with the high demand for renewable energy, batteries have been hard to come by. It’s no surprise that this organization works their asses off to be able to keep up. That’s why they are always looking for new talent to help them match demand. Cue: you.

Ok, so how can I help?

As an Electro Mechanic Renewable, you build battery solutions in every area imaginable. Think battery systems for asphalt pavers, special chargers for batteries in military projects and even custom batteries for robots! The cool thing is, they can make anything. And so can you. So, are you ready to change the world of renewable energy?

Yes! But what are the requirements?

First of all, have a positive attitude. There’s nothing like working with enthusiastic and ambitious colleagues, right? Furthermore, you take interest in fine electronics, and know your way around an electrical diagram. Speak Dutch? Great! However, this is not a requirement for this role. As long as you speak and read English at a professional level and are allowed to work in the Netherlands, you’ll be good.

Got it! Now what’s in it for me?

Solid benefits, of course. You can expect a salary range between €2.300,- and €3.000,- and great secondary benefits. Additionally, you decide your work-life balance. Whether it’s 40 hours a week, or 32, it is up to you! Not bad, huh? At this company, you’ll work with ambitious colleagues, in a people-oriented atmosphere, contributing to a sustainable future. What are you waiting for?

Apply now! Talk to you soon.

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